Monthly Archives: October 2013

October 31

Happy Buffy Halloween!

I am a die hard Buffy fan and when i say die hard i mean it. I’ve watched every episode more than once, own the completed seasons of Buffy AND Angel and i even named my daughter after my favorite Buffy character, Willow. I’m a fan but not an obsessed one. Obviously inspired by the […]

October 30

Dia de Muertos Photographic Exhibition

On an unusual day in Sydney where the weather was wild, Roberto Duran was holding his opening night of his photographic exhibition in the suburb of Paddington. On arrival the drinks were flowing and a mass of people filled the tiny rooms of the Barry Stern Gallery straining their necks to watch a woman in […]

October 28

Designer Spotlight – Sara Phillips

I stumbled across Australian designer Sara Phillips’s website tonight while doing some research on a exhibition i am going to this week. I must have been living underneath the biggest rock not to have heard of her until now. Needless to say i have fallen in love with her design aesthetic and her latest collection […]

October 25


I love fashion. I love looking at the world around me and taking inspiration from it. I like my clothing to reflect these inspirations and not just the latest trends. My name is Megan and i have been working in the fashion industry¬† for the past 17 years. I’ve had many different roles; machinist, sample […]