Designer Spotlight – Sara Phillips

I stumbled across Australian designer Sara Phillips’s website tonight while doing some research on a exhibition i am going to this week. I must have been living underneath the biggest rock not to have heard of her until now. Needless to say i have fallen in love with her design aesthetic and her latest collection “Second Summer”. She produces structured yet strong feminine silhouettes that are perfectly complimented with her wonderful textiles & prints. I want them all in my wardrobe!

After a few hours of digging into Sara’s design past i found out that she grew up in the industry and designing was a natural progression for her. After graduating from East Sydney Tafe she went onto working for design houses Saba and Jayson brunsdon before launching her own label in 2007.

My favorite aspect of Sara’s designs are her amazing prints. She works closely with her mother’s textile house Logina Phillips Designs and the textile artists to create unique, sometimes hand drawn prints. her latest collection shows a hand drawn interpretation of the famous wave artwork by Hokusai that is complimented by digital waves, warm colours of sunsets and floral prints that tie together to give you the feel of a beach summer in her own unique way.

In all i am a fan and will be watching the catwalks and pages of magazines to see what she does next.



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