The curse of the Queen of the Goblin photo shoot

Some things run so smoothly and others….

I am working towards branching out into another area of fashion; fashion editorials / fashion jouralism so i am trying to work as a creative director on as many photo shoots as possible with the hope that they will be published and can be added to my portfolio come job hunting time. So this is shoot number 2, the first shoot was the Frankenstein – A Love Affair and this one is entitled: “The Goblin Queen”. The magazine we are trying for has a set theme for every edition & this one is fantasy, don’t ask me where i can up with this idea it just came to me.

I am lucky enough to be able to work with the same amazing photographer and wonderful Hair & Make Up artist as before but after that…. the shoot is on Saturday & this week so far has been crazy!! My son bought home a vomit bug which invaded my house leaving everyone feverish & sickly. It’s Thursday and it’s finally left. To add to that i’ve had not one but two models cancel on me in the space of 24hours leaving me on the search again. One designer is on top of things but my friend Mel and I are still working on our outfits & the end is not in sight. I feel like that maybe the Goblin Queen doesn’t want this shoot to go ahead, after all Goblins are known for their misheviously evil ways.

The way i’m looking at it now is that if there are obstacles at every turn you just gotta jump right over them & keep going. I may be up to the wee hours for the next two nights but dang’it everything will be ready & perfect on Saturday & these photo’s will be amazing!!!

One has to stay positive (and inspired).

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