Monthly Archives: December 2013

December 31

What I Wore New Years Eve

Not much of a blog post today, it’s New Year’s day and I’m heading to the beach with my family. Here is what I wore on Dr No. last night on Sydney Harbour. Dr No: Soot-ii Hothersall Skull and Roses backless dress Melissa Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Bow Heels Yellow Bangle from Diva Red Heart […]

December 31

The Tattooed Geisha Review of 2013

I know everyone’s heard it before but I can’t believe the year has gone by so fast, too fast. Here is a recap of my year as the Tattooed Geisha. 25th October 2013 – My very first blog post – 28th November 2013 – Summer swimsuit ideas – Interviews galore with some amazingly […]

December 30

A bit of Vivienne Bling

It’s the last day of the year, why shouldn’t we indulge beautiful things and who better to indulge in than Vivienne Westwood! Silk Taffeta Plaid Busiter Dress – Lou Lou Shirt – Donna BG Boot – Frilly Snake Cross Body Bag – Orb Ring – Red PVC Flip Flop – […]

December 30

Freque Magazine Volume 5 Release

There are only 5 more days until Freque Volume 5 is released. I cannot wait to see how my submission: The Queen of the Goblins looks in print and I cannot wait to be able to post the photo’s for you all to see. My friend Mel Schwarz (who I interviewed earlier this week) is […]

December 29

In between Mustard and Cadmium

There’s this colour yellow that I keep seeing as I look through pages on the internet that I can’t get out of my head. It’s not mustard but not cadmium yellow either, it’s in between these two and I have to say that I may have a teeny crush on it. I have never been […]

December 29

What I WISH I was wearing

Sunday is here again. Realistically i’m wearing blue jeans, thongs and my World of Warcraft Horde T-shirt with my character name on the back (my husband bought me this when i reached level 60). What I WISH I was wearing are these: Ray Ban Jackie O Sunglasses Mary Katrantzou Bomfared Dress Lock and Key Ring […]

December 28

Black and White Editorial Awesomeness!

I came across this editorial for How to Spend It Magazine (December 2013) while browsing my morning emails and i just had to share it with you all. I  think it’s beautiful, there is something about it that just pops! Images from “How to Spend It” Website ( How to Spend It Magazine December 2013 […]