10 Days of my favourite things – Day 3 Tattoo’s

I’m on a bit of buzz about tattoo’s since i had my latest one inked last week but when it comes down to the basic facts i love tattoos because i can see a personality mapped out on skin. I love the creativity, the randomness, the meanings & let us not forget the really bad ones that we cannot stop starring at! I’m glad that in this world today that tattoos are becoming more socially acceptable and it is being recognised as a art form.

Here are a few of my favourites. To see more of my favourites you can view them on my Pinterest page: http://www.pinterest.com/Tattooedgeisha/tattoos/


little mermaid tattoo by Paula Bstruse


by Kristy Michelle

Tattoo by master Loic www.photovide.com

Tattoo by master Loic – http://www.photovide.com

Ariel Tattoo girl red hair

Ariel tattoo  – http://www.fyeatattoos

House birds scene b/w tattoo

Black and white scene – http://www.pottercullenlove.xanga.com

Xoil Tattoo Birds b/w green

By Xiol Tattoo – http://www.imgur.com

Geisha tattoo colour back piece

Geisha tattoo – http://www.cuded.com

Locan Barracuda Tattoo girl colour bicep

Logan Barracuda – http://www.sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net

Marie Kraus tattoo colour faces

Marie Kraus – http://www.inkbutter.com

reconciliation Audrey Kawaski b/w

Reconciliation Audrey Kawaski – http://www.zess.tumblr.com

The Tattooed Geisha Guy Mckinley B/W

The Tattooed Geisha  – Art by Guy McKinley, Tattoo by Bodie O’Leary

Tyago Silva Tattoo Bird Quote

Tyago Silva – http://www.fyeahtatoos.com

Watercolour tattoo arm colour

Watercolour Tattoo – http://www.musawork.com

Octopus tattoo ocean colour chest piece