An interview with Photographer Luci Alice

London based photographer Luci Alice’s latest submission for Freque Magazine’s Vol 4 publication really caught my eye, her images just reached out and grabbed my attention. So much so that I had to know more about her process and see more of her work. I contacted her and asked if she could answer a few questions for me.

How long have you been a photographer and how did you break into it?
It all started when I took some nice photos in Egypt in 2008. As I was studying graphic design at the time, I felt that learning photography would compliment my studies. I enrolled on to a college course and it went from there!

What type of preparation do you do before heading off to a shoot?
I source clothing and accessories from a variety of designers (particularly Pandora Deluxe Latex, Kaoris Latex Dreams and Sophie Adamson). I then base makeup, hair and the ‘mood’ around the wardrobe. I’ll book the studio if I am using one and confirm the shoot with the models shortly before the shoot.

Which is your favourite lens to use?
I like the 50mm and the 70-200mm particularly for wide aperture stuff.

What inherent qualities do you think make a great photo?
I believe it is a combination of styling, pose, facial expression, post production and the right model. If one of these are lacking, I feel it can affect an image to the point it loses its impact. This is why I tend to work with experienced models.

You take some amazing fashion / portraiture shots , where do you get your inspiration from?
Thank you! I get inspiration from a number of things such as magazines, music videos and just simply looking online at sites such as Trendhunter.

What is your favorite style of photography?
I do like fashion photography, particularly when the styling is quirky or dark. I also like the evenly lit, high key Bizarre alternate glamour girl style too!

Film or digital, which one do you prefer?
I have only used digital but I would like to play about with film in the future.

 How did you develop your style?
I am not sure if I have a distinct stye but I believe it is important to not be afraid to experiment so you can see what works and whether you like the outcomes. I think from there, you can really start to develop.

Do you dabble in other forms of photography? If so what are they?
I have done some weddings and some travel photography but model photography is what I like best!

What has been your most epic shoot to date?
I cannot possibly only choose one! A recent one was where I worked with a contortionist and the poses she can do were amazing and very different!

So here are a few quick non photography questions, please answer your favourites for the following:

1. Drink – Mixed berry Kopperburg Cider
2. Artist –  HR Giger
3. Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – Facebook
4. Band – Rammstein
5. Place – India for holidays!
6. Movie –  Gremlins
7. Superhero – My fiance
8. Animal – Small posh dogs or sheep!
9. Designer –  Alexander McQueen
10. Photographer – David LaChapelle

You can follow Luci on Facebook and Twitter or head to her website to keep up to date with her latest shoots.
Facebook: Luci-Alice-Photography

Betty Flintstone Sinderella Rockafella Kaori's Latex Luci Alice

contortionist latex luci alice photography

Miss Deadly Red Pandora Latex Luci Alice Photography

Miss Miranda Lady Lucie Latex Luci Alice Photography

Nina Kate Jane Doe Luci Alice Photography

Ruby Heels Luci Alice Photography Lansdscape

Ulorin Vex Bubble Fusion Luci Alice Photography

Luci Alice Photography Jade Hair portrait