Balmain Fall Ready to Wear Collection 2014

Balmain designer Olivier Roustein took a more urban look for fall, calling this collection, inspired by safari and hip hop style his most personal to date. His signature is still strong and true to Balmain and is heavily influenced by his friend and muse, Rhianna. I can’t fault this collection, I wish I could own every piece and be able to wear it as it should be worn. If only I wasn’t so short.

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Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-1 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-2 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-3 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-4 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-5 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-6 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-7 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-8 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-9 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-10 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-11 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-12 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-13 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-14 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-15 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-16 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-17 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-18 Balmain-Fall-RTW-2014-19