Curvy Kickstarter 2014

I was introduced to Curvy in 2004 after arriving back in Sydney from a year abroad and moving in with a couple of friends. Eating dinner one night, housemate A comes home and puts on the coffee table in front of me a copy of a book that he picked up at a work gig. The book was Curvy and I became completely obsessed with it. A book full of the most talented female artists that I have ever encountered. At that stage of my life I was single and had the time to have art nights with the girls so whenever I went to one, the Curvy bible came with me.

The Curvy publications have become a source of inspiration for me. They have introduced me to my most favourite artists: Miss Van, Fafi, Audrey Kawasaki, the list goes on. These artists have influenced many a painting, piece of clothing and direction in photo shoots I have been a part of – my life would not be the same without them.

So when I saw that Curvy had a project on Kickstarter I just had to get behind it and share. Their goal is to show the most inspiring female artists in art, design & illustration, photography and fashion and collate them into a collectable coffee table book.

If you can please contribute to their kickstarter project and help keep this platform available for these amazingly talented women so they can showcase their work and let it inspire the people who see it.

Click here to head to the Kickstarter project page.


Audrey Kawasaki




Miss Van


Natalie Perkins


Sylvia Ji



All image’s via the Artist’s facebook pages (Links above)