Tokyo’s fashion icons

I am working on two shoots at the moment, one of those is inspired by Tokyo’s fashion icons. The girls and boys who dress the way they want, in anything they want and strut on the street to their own beat and rock it! I love the fearlessness that they dress with, in Australia we are more or less a jean culture and to be honest if you dress differently you attract attention for all the wrong reasons. Not that this stops me from dressing the way I want but I do tone it down just a tad.

Here are some amazing shots that I friend of mine sent me the link for (thanks Chris). These are the essence of my inspiration, they are awesome!

Photographer: Thomas C Card

TCard_TokyoAdorn_01 TCard_TokyoAdorn_03 TCard_TokyoAdorn_07 TCard_TokyoAdorn_08 TCard_TokyoAdorn_09 TCard_TokyoAdorn_12 TCard_TokyoAdorn_14 TCard_TokyoAdorn_16 TCard_TokyoAdorn_22 TCard_TokyoAdorn_23 TCard_TokyoAdorn_24 TCard_TokyoAdorn_26 TCard_TokyoAdorn_30 TCard_TokyoAdorn_36 TCard_TokyoAdorn_38 TCard_TokyoAdorn_40

Photo’s via My Modern Met