Creepers, are they the shoes for you?

It’s Autumn here in Australia and finally it is starting to get a little colder, in which I mean it’s in the low range 20’s 😉 and I need to sort out my winter wardrobe. I’m in search of a pair of funky black flats that I can wear to work and around (as heels are out after a scooter accident), so where do I start? My criteria was black, ultra funky and laced, maybe platforms (as I’m a shorty) and Creepers fell right in to that category.

From what I can tell people are either for creepers or against, there is no in-between. So which are you? I think I’m a Creepers gal, I love a little off beat shoe with heaps of personality. All I have to do now is find a pair that is available in my size…


Available at


Available at Immoral


Available at Dolls Kill


Available at Dolls Kill


Available at Dolls Kill


Available at Uturn Utopia


Available at Dolls Kill