Hennie The Hippo’s Love Letter

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Hennie Hippo

I was just trawling through my notebook when I came across a scribble-dream moment in which I wrote the love letter that Hennie The Hippo would have typed at her typewriter.

Despite the fact that I’m having an outer mind moment where I think I’ve gone quite mad, I couldn’t help but share the love and madness.

Dearest Love,

I love metaphors and i love you. These two forces combined seem like the perfect amalgamation to flagrantly express the bubbling lava love i have in my belly.

I desire you in abundance, like the stinky blue cheese to the platter with intentionally too few crackers.

You are clever and handy like the fog proof goggles to my eyes in an overly chlorinated swimming pool, helping me spot other people’s bandaids on the bottom of my lane.

Yours Utterly,

Hennie xox

She’s part of the AnimalKind Collection.

May you all find love that’s equivalent…

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