The connection between Easter and Rabbits

I have always been curious about the connection between the giving of chocolate eggs on a christian holiday. So I started searching the web. After reading many pages this was the main sensus, this is what I found:

“An Anglo-Saxon goddess named Eostre was said to have had hares as attendants. If so, the hares may have held her lights, since Eostre was the goddess of Dawn, like Eos (Greek) and Aurora (Latin). The month of April was, among the Anglo-Saxons, called Eostur-monath, and during Eostur-monath, a festival was held to Eostre. This festival has, at least in name, been taken over by the Christian spring festival Easter. If Eostre did indeed have hares as companions, the association of Easter and Easter bunnies is an ancient one.”

At the end of the day, pagan or christian, enjoy your April festival of light, love and family.

Happy Chocolate Bunny Day


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