Esther Bayer

While flicking through Esty looking at all the amazing handmade unique things that I’m convincing myself that I don’t need, I stumble upon Canadian Esther Bayer’s page and love what I see.

To see more of her work head to her website.

Ester-Bayer-Art-watercolour-1 Ester-Bayer-Art-watercolour-2 Ester-Bayer-Art-watercolour-3 Ester-Bayer-Art-watercolour-4 Ester-Bayer-Art-watercolour-5 Ester-Bayer-Art-watercolour-6 Ester-Bayer-Art-watercolour-7 Ester-Bayer-Art-watercolour-8 Ester-Bayer-Art-watercolour-9