Giambattista Valli Fall 2014 Couture

The crisp silhouettes with an element of the unexpected make this collection like a breath of fresh air. Imagine yourself in the summer in Monte Carlo, staying in the most luxurious hotel. You wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, shower & walk out into the sunshine with one of these outfits on with a pair of oversized black sunglasses to finish off the look. You take a deep breath of fresh sea air. Can you imagine it? I surely can.

You can view the rest of the collection here.

VAL_0039.450x675 VAL_0050.450x675 VAL_0189.450x675 VAL_0206.450x675 VAL_0257.450x675 VAL_0278.450x675 VAL_0401.450x675  VAL_0569.450x675 VAL_0614.450x675 VAL_0640.450x675 VAL_0777.450x675 VAL_0817.450x675 VAL_0917.450x675 VAL_0943.450x675 VAL_0985.450x675

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