Valentino Fall Couture 2014

Think Pre-Raphaelites, think Goddesses, think Toga’s created with exquisite craftmanship and you will have a glimpse of what Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli were thinking when they dreamed this collection up. Pure beauty.

To view the entire collection here.

VAL_0035.450x675 VAL_0063.450x675 VAL_0093.450x675 VAL_0103.450x675 VAL_0119.450x675 VAL_0154.450x675 VAL_0182.450x675 VAL_0205.450x675 VAL_0235.450x675 VAL_0270.450x675 VAL_0290.450x675 VAL_0320.450x675 VAL_0356.450x675 VAL_0453.450x675 VAL_0548.450x675 VAL_0612.450x675 VAL_0768.450x675 VAL_0836.450x675 VAL_0999.450x675 VAL_1014.450x675

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