Tattooist Spotlight: Dave Segura

Costa Rican born tattooist Dave Segura grew up in a  household surrounded by creative people; a father who is a musician and a mother that gave him his first lesson in drawing. It was from an early age that he had a love of art, tattoo art in particular. He has now been an established tattooist for 10 years but still loves to absorb new techniques and styles that have been taught to him by others in this field.

With the joy of the internet I have been able to speak to Dave and asked him to tell me a bit about himself and his art:

“Starting in the industry 10 years ago was something that was really complicated in Costa Rica, everything that had to do with tattoos and the industry was complicated. There were only a few tattoo studios and most of them were located in the country’s capital and it was a somewhat closed group, so  it was really difficult to find information about this subject. After a while I received some advice from people I knew and it was really helpful. After that, I wanted to improve so I started taking classes to teach me how to draw, mainly open courses and started following some important tattoo artists at the time. I finished my classes, mainly concentrating on painting and discovered that I was more focused on longer lasting tattoos, more graphic concepts as well as better materials and techniques to use.

I usually travel to learn new things as our tattoo scene is kind of small and a bit limited in Costa Rica. I would like to visit more conventions and get in touch with the worldwide tattoo community. I want to be able to express my designs, my work and what I am capable of doing as well as my thoughts on colour, texture, form, and my way of interpreting people’s ideas.

I’ve travelled to Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico and also had the chance to participate in Barcelona’s tattoo convention. I went to Sevilla and I met a lot of great tattoo artists, full of knowledge and experience.
I would like to travel to places like Canada, USA, Argentina, Brazil and others where my job and expertise are welcomed and where people are willing to share their knowledge with me.
I tend not to work on projects related to format and graphics, but with more long lasting colors, in that way I can rely on my expertise in each piece, mostly new school with graphics based on realism and with strong and long lasting colours.

I am interested in talking to people who paint and do things that are not classic or traditional and who are not afraid to share what they know with me. I like painting in watercolor, studying the technique and the applications it has. It helps me to create new design ideas, things that are influenced by hip hop and rap music. I also like oil painting and using an air brush. I am dedicated to tattooing and dedicated to arts.”

If you love Dave’s art, you can find him at Phantom Tattoo Studio and if you’d like to follow Dave, here are his links:

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Images courtesy of Dave Segura