Daniela Raiti – Photographer

Working with Daniela is always a great experience. She works quickly and knows what she wants and how to achieve it. Her finished images are always amazing.

She took some time out to answer a few questions for me.


How did you break into fashion photography?

I think the reason I ended up in fashion is that I love every aspect of it from the clothing to modelling and makeup. I can’t get enough of being around other innovative minds, the creative freedom you get from fashion having a vision, planning a shoot is so rewarding.


What type of preparation do you do before a shoot?

If it’s my own concept I will have a mood bored of images for

  • Colour treatment
  • Lighting and mood
  • Makeup and hair styles
  • Model’s poses/expressions
  • Camera angles/framing

I usually have some regular people I enjoy working with so with them we will cast for a suitable model.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

It comes from so many things: movies, writing, other artists, in one day I can get so many ideas just from a walk down the street I’m always aware of my surroundings thinking in photo mode.

Which lens do you use the most?

I usually use prime lens switching to zoom


How did you develop your style?

Developing style is a gradual thing I think there is always you in your earlier photographs but it fine tunes after a while, I like a certain look and a lot of my pictures have a blue tone with dark moody lighting I always want them to be evocative and tell a story.

What is your favourite style of photography?

I am actually in love with surreal conceptual images at the moment so have been doing fashion mixed with a surreal feel.


Film or digital, which one do you prefer?

I would love to learn to use a dark room but in the technology age where time is so precious digital makes my job a lot faster and easier.


Outdoor or studio shoots, which one is your favourite?

I love both but the creative freedom I can get from moulding light how I want in studio is my favourite right now.

What inherent qualities make a great fashion photo?

Light is so important for a good fashion photograph along with a unique idea and a strong team, fashion is art and can be taken in many ways.


Favourite Photographer:

I have so many but miss Amelia’s is simply amazing.

Favourite editorial you have ever shot?

My favourite is one of my recent soon to be published but other than that was resolution published in Freque Magazine as the style of the shoot from lighting to poses resembles me to a T.


Images courtesy of Daniela Raiti