Electric Orgasm

Christopher Kane

Fall Ready to Wear 2015

A snippet of Christopher Kane’s newest collection that oozes sexual energy with sheer laces, glitter, velvets & atomically correct figures writhing around on the fabric. OWWW!

To view the full collection, head to Style.com

KIM_0111 KIM_0133 KIM_0153 KIM_0216 KIM_0303 KIM_0363 KIM_0392 KIM_0413 KIM_0437 KIM_0455 KIM_0531 KIM_0550 KIM_0598 KIM_0615 KIM_0664 KIM_0758 KIM_0863 KIM_0903 KIM_0930 KIM_0963 KIM_0989 zKIM_0051

Images Via Style.com