Elodie’s illustrations

I started chatting to Elodie over a blog piece that I had posted on Australia fashion illustrator Pippa McManus. We both love Pippa’s illustrations and while chatting with her I stumbled across her website & was blown away at how amazing her illustrations were. So I took the opportunity & asked if she could answer a few questions for me about herself, what drives her & how she creates these beautiful pieces.

Can you please tell us a little background, how did you start out as a fashion illustrator ?
I have always drawn since I can remember, so I naturally turned to a art school at 18 (ECV Bordeaux). At this time I dreamt of becoming a cartoon artist at Disney’s 2d animation !
So I learnt animation, illustration, and also graphic design. That was a prevalent formation that I still takes advantage of now.
Then I worked for 3 years for 3d cartoon animation, but I realised pretty fast that I wanted to create my own character with my own drawing style. So I dropped my job and became a freelance illustrator in 2010.

Where do you draw your inspiration from ? What inspires you ?
Mostly I’m inspired by fashion. But I’m also inspired by photography, cinema from the sixties and illustrations.

Who are your favorite artists ? Do they play a part in influencing your work ?
I really like the work of René Gruau, Coby Whitmore, Bob Peak. Yes I think that all the fashion illustrators are a bit influenced by those masters !^^

Which designer do you dream to collaborate with ?
There are so many ! Dior, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Chloé, Miu Miu, Olympia Le Tan, Burberry, Repetto.

What is your favoured medium ?
Pigment pencil ! And paper pencil.

How did you develop your style ?
That wasn’t an easy process for me because I’m a illustration lover of all kinds. I was influenced as well by fashion illustrations and children illustrations and I couldn’t find what would be the best for me. So I tried several techniques and finally I felt pretty comfortable and enjoyed drawing with a pigment pencil (drawing dot by dot).

What is your process in creating your pieces ?
I always start new pieces by browsing photos in magazines and online. Sometimes also illustrations books. Then I create like a photomontage in photoshop with a mix of photos and sketches until I find the right composition. Then I start to draw, and most of the time I scan it to colorise it in photoshop with a mix of textures I’ve scanned.

Who has been your favourite subject to illustrate ?
Gary Pepper

What is your favourite illustration & / or commission so far ?
‘Penny and the peonies’, an illustration I draw for ‘The Big Bang theory’ exhibition that runs all around the world.

To view more of Elodie’s beautiful works click on the below links:





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Images courtesy of Elodie.