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October 28

Pagan Tattoo’s

With the coming of the Christian Halloween (All Hallows Eve, celebrating the dead) I thought I would celebrate the Pagan holidays instead: Samhain in the western hemisphere & Beltaine in the southern hemisphere with pagan inspired tattoos. Images Via: Roman pagan Tattoo Easily deviantArt tattoo-body-art eye catching tattoos rate my ink Pinterest that thuggin unicorn […]

October 15

We All Scream For Icecream!

  Images Via Pinterest Tattoostime Tattoodonkey Tattooinspiration Flickr Tattoostosee Acidcow Backspac Tattoomagz Tattoodo

September 25


Two of my favourite things: tattoo’s & graffiti = WICKEDLY AMAZING!!!  To view more of SupaKitch’s work, check out the links below Facebook Instagram Website Tumblr

August 19

Dr Woo’s Tattoo’s

Dr. Woo is a tattoo artist at Shamrock Tattoo in Hollywood, California. His fine tattoo’s are truly amazing, seriously look at that detail!!! Images Via intothegloss.com640 × 640

August 14

Floral Tattoo’s.2

Feeling a bit flowery today so here are the most beautiful floral tattoo’s that I could find this morning! Images Via: alicecarrier.tumblr.com500 × 333

July 15

Bee Tattoo’s

Who thinks about bee tattoo’s? I do. Here are my top picks.   Images via: http://www.boostinspiration.com500 × 500

July 15

Tattooist Spotlight: Dave Segura

Costa Rican born tattooist Dave Segura grew up in a  household surrounded by creative people; a father who is a musician and a mother that gave him his first lesson in drawing. It was from an early age that he had a love of art, tattoo art in particular. He has now been an established […]