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July 16

T-shirts of the week inspired by the 70’s

I’ve been on a bit of a seventies kick all week, it started with me finding the most amazing dinner set from the 70’s that I wanted SO badly. So my 70’s passion has melted into a theme for everything this week, including t-shirts. Here are my favourite finds. 1976 MondoHidroCarburator by Lopesco SX70 Polaroid […]

July 02

T-shirts of the Week – Stripes

Stripes stripes and more stripes. One thing that is never out of style 🙂 Aerial Acrobat by radiomode Stripes 2 by kharmazero Gumballs Universe by rejagalu Love Noir in Black by alchemist Colors of Love by Beart24 Images Via Design by Humans

June 26

T-shirts of the week – Maleficent

Ok ok I know still on the Maleficent trip, but this is the last one I promise. Enjoy. Maleficent by BioWorkZ Maleficent’s Shadow by joysapphire Metalefcent by Nemons Maleficent by miggyboi The Mistress of all Evil by Nados All images via Design by Humans

June 18

Octopi – T-shirt’s of the Week

I have been watching a lot of underwater photo shoot video diary’s lately. Some included marine life, some didn’t but they were all amazing and steered my thinking to life under the sea. So my theme for favourite t-shirt’s of the week is Octopi, enjoy 🙂 T-shirts can be purchased at Design by Humans  Septoid […]

June 12

T-shirts of the week – Here Kitty kitty

These cat t-shirts are wicked! My favourite is “I am not a Horse”. Hmmmm, think I may be purchasing one. Cat Breeze by Artemple Cat & Raven by Freeminds Cool Cat by dzeri29 The Neon Pussy Cat by Moncheng I am not a Horse by ADAMLAWLESS T-shirts can be purchased at Design by Humans

May 20

T-shirt(s) of the Week – Frozen

I have a friend who is smitten with the movie “Frozen”, so this post is for him. The last one is my favourite! Let Me In by MeganLara Can be purchased here Wind & snow under the Moon. by VanyNany Can be purchased here By Royal Decree by SixEyedMonster Can be purchased here Frozen Combat […]

May 14

T-shirt of the Week – Fire Phoenix

Perfect time for me to come upon this t-shirt design. As Conchita from Austria won Eurovision 2014 with “Rise like a Phoenix”, Fire Phoenix appeared on the design by Humans website. Coincidence…. I think not 😉 T-Shirt can be purchased at Design by Humans Fire Phoenix by chriskar