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May 21

What I wore – NEW CREEPERS!

Have you ever bought a new pair of shoes that you LOVED SO MUCH that you styled your outfit around them for days….. Well that’s me right now with my first pair of creepers. I’m already dreaming up what I’m going to wear them with tomorrow. Anywho, here’s what I wore them with today. Soot-ii […]

December 31

What I Wore New Years Eve

Not much of a blog post today, it’s New Year’s day and I’m heading to the beach with my family. Here is what I wore on Dr No. last night on Sydney Harbour. Dr No: Soot-ii Hothersall Skull and Roses backless dress Melissa Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Bow Heels Yellow Bangle from Diva Red Heart […]

December 27

What I Wore Today

Soot-ii Hothersall Linen Dress Melissa Gareth Pugh Scandals Bronze Owl Ring from The Emerald City Shop Vintage Wooden Beads

December 23

What I Wore Today

All Above Eve Summer Asymmetrical Hem Dress Melissa Bow Slip on Shoes Navy/White Stripe Vintage Bangle Pepe Jeans Aviator Style Sunglasses Wooden Necklace

December 21

What I Wore Today (Well Yesterday really)

Late post, had a family christmas day yesterday down the coast so when i returned home all i could do was unpack new toys, eat Indian Take Away & drink Strawberry Dacquiris. So here is yesterday’s. Soot-ii Hothersall Buffy Dress Melissa Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Heart Thongs Rose Ring from The Emerald City Shop  

December 20

What I Wore Today

Black Sleeveless Button Collared Shirt Soot-ii Hothersall Taffeta Self Printed Short Shorts Black and Silver sequined Converse Sneakers Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses Men’s Black Fedora Hat with Grey Band

December 19

What I Wore Today

Jersey Draped Cross Over Top (purchased at the markets in Florence, Italy) Soot-ii Hothersall Jersey Slouch Pants Hand Painted Resin Ring (Circe 2002) Wittner Black Pumps Kitty Wayfarer Sunglasses purchased from The Emerald City Shop Vintage Jade String Beads (Circa 1960’s)