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March 06

Elodie’s illustrations

I started chatting to Elodie over a blog piece that I had posted on Australia fashion illustrator Pippa McManus. We both love Pippa’s illustrations and while chatting with her I stumbled across her website & was blown away at how amazing her illustrations were. So I took the opportunity & asked if she could answer […]

December 23

Daniela Raiti – Photographer

Working with Daniela is always a great experience. She works quickly and knows what she wants and how to achieve it. Her finished images are always amazing. She took some time out to answer a few questions for me. How did you break into fashion photography? I think the reason I ended up in fashion […]

March 02

Holly Eva Time Lapse Video

I was lucky to interview Holly Eva a while back and show you all her wonderful artwork. She has just released a video on how her paintings come to life. It’s only 3 and a bit minutes so sit back and enjoy the creativity! If you would like to know more about Holly, Click here for […]

February 15

An Interview with Atomic Stitches

France of Atomic Stitches has become one of my favourite photographers in the past few months. I love the raw beauty that she captures in her photographs and I also love the fact that she is a wardrobe stylist and costume designer as well which allows her to produce images as she envisions them. I was […]

January 12

An Interview with Lulu in Chains

Designer Shadi Tambrchi creates her designs around “Because Life is Too Short to Wear a Dull Dress” and that is apparent as her dresses are anything but dull! Gorgeous fabrics and beautifully designed, every girl should at least own one Lulu in Chains dress in their wardrobe. Shadi answered some questions for me about her label. […]

January 06

An Interview with Senangelis Photography

On my first look at the covers of Freque Magazine‘s latest issues I could not drag my eyes away from the front cover of volume 1. It was such a sensory overload I wanted to squeal with delight! I thought this White Rabbit cover is fabulous, I must contact the creator for an interview, I […]

December 27

An Interview with one of my besties, Artist Mel Schwarz

I met Mel a many years ago through a old housemate at an exhibition she was holding at the Tap Gallery in Darlinghurst. I met her again later through my husband and since then we have become friends, having art nights whenever we get a chance. Mel is such a talented woman it is hard […]